Small and Intimate Scottish Weddings

Thinking of getting married quickly and quietly, and musing over having a tiny wee wedding just the two of you?  Well, you can do whatever you’d like for your ceremony and we would love to help.You can get married at your B&B, hotel or holiday cottage, or any place indoors, or outdoors in nature, subject to any necessary permissions.  

To get married legally you need to have two legal witnesses present. If you’ll secretly elope without telling anyone we can organise witnesses for you.  Or if you're telling family and friends but still choosing to marry just the two of you, we can help organize witnesses for you.  If coming from overseas and you’d rather take care of the legal aspect in your home country, for ease, we can also offer you a non legal ceremony of commitment or blessing or handfasting.

There are more unusual places to hold a ceremony like old mills and lighthouses, or perhaps you'd like to hire a castle for two? - there are small, self catering castles around if you know where to find them! 

For water lovers there are islands, boats, secluded beaches and riversides, as well as cosy eco-dwellings, cabins and more, just waiting for you!  

Check out our PAGE for some special places for your ceremony, plus ceremony and photo deals for elopements and weddings for two on the PACKAGES PAGE.

  • Why Have A Wedding For Two?

    Are you considering having a wedding for two because it feels like an adventure and really inspires you?  Maybe the land is calling to you?  Some couples travel to Scotland because of ancestry, for the trip of a lifetime, and along the way decide they’d like to get married or betrothed whilst here, either in a legal or non legal way, and then enjoy a honeymoon.

    Perhaps the idea just feels right for you as ideas for a larger event don’t feel fitting for you or feel overwhelming – you’ve seen too many others get caught up in all the practicalities and loose sight of what the day is all about - not to mention spiraling costs and so a low key, quick and quiet event, feels more in keeping with your ideas.

    Or maybe you feel a little self conscious about expressing your own undiluted beliefs or personal vows in front of others, or you know that your beliefs are very different to the beliefs of your families which you’re concerned might cause you nerves on the day, or your families some discomfort?

  • Involving Family Or Not

    For some couples they feel liberated by giving themselves the gift of time for themselves.   When life revolves so much around work, or taking care of kids, or looking out for family - whatever it is that usually takes your focus - creating a window of time to just be together in a relaxed way helps to nourish your relationship – and if you marry in Scotland you then always have the excuse of coming back again and again to celebrate anniversaries – a very good habit to cultivate!

    A disadvantage of not having family or friends present might mean you miss them on the day and feel sad that they’re not there.  Most couples get around this, by having more than one ceremony and celebration – we did that as we had four ceremonies!!!  Also having Will take photos of the ceremony for you means that you can share all your special moments as well as relive them yourselves afterwards.

  • The Best Of Both Worlds Guilt Free

    It’s important that however you choose to make your joining official, you don’t feel guilty about doing what you want, or resentful about not doing what you want.  If you want quick and quiet, in a tucked away secluded location, then we'd love to help.  Or if you'd like something simple but don't mind being a little bit public, it can be really fun and lovely to have passers by wish you well and call out their congratulations. 

    Some couples find that having a separate legal ceremony at home with family, then a creative and personal ceremony in Scotland, is the perfect combination.  Others have a legal Celtic ceremony in Scotland, then something low key with family once back home, or even another ceremony and reception.

    If considering any of these options you might like to have Will take some photos for you, so you can show family and friends.  We also have colleagues who can video your ceremony for you.

  • Planning Ahead and Taking Care of YOU

    Planning your Ceremony and Day

    A ceremony for two does mean that there isn’t anyone with you for you to ask to do things for you, or take care of you, which is why we offer to help you organize whatever you need.  On top of the ceremony fee and travel, for an hourly fee, we’re very happy to help with any preparations you would find helpful, beyond the holding of your ceremony and the taking of photos. 

    Making It Legal

    To get married legally you need to have two legal witnesses present. If you’ll elope or marry just the two of you, we can help find witnesses for you.  If coming from overseas and you’d rather take care of the legal aspect in your home country for ease, we can also offer you a non legal ceremony of commitment or blessing or handfasting.

  • What To Do and Where To Do It!

    Where To Hold Your Wee Wedding

    Over the years we have collaborated with some of the people we’ve met and been impressed with.  If you would like ideas for where to have a ceremony we have ideas for public places which don’t cost anything, as well as places that will give you some privacy without costing a fortune, and even luxury places if you feel like splurging.

    Be Inspired by Others

    Below are some scenarios to give you an insight into what’s possible, and truly anything’s possible!  Some of the following couples have had the whole works, and had us taking photos and video, holding the ceremony and organizing extras and some had just the ceremony held by Angie Will taking photos.  Please note we offer special packages for ceremony/photos and also help to Design Your Day and Design Your Stay.

  • Castle Adventures With A Vegan Twist

    We helped Jason and Mylie with where to stay and a special celebration vegan meal for them afterwards at our house which included veggie haggis, neeps and tatties!  

    Their winter solstice wedding was at a beautiful ruined castle set up high with views over the surrounding countryside.  

    Mylie created her own bouquet that morning, and they had a simple hand tying ritual with a cord Mylie had plaited and we then closed their ceremony with a wee dram of whisky to warm them up.

    They spent the evening watching Water Horse, the film about the Loch Ness Monster, in a private cinema room.

  • Witnessed By Trees

    Magical Woods and Forest

    We are lucky to have lots of woodland and forest nearby where we live, so if the idea of being surrounded by trees appeals to you, we can advise where depending on if you’d like to be married beneath an old oak tree, or with Scots Pines looking on, or maybe just with beautiful and mature trees in general as your witness?

    Tessa and Alex were a young couple travelling around Europe.  They had the idea to have a sacred ceremony of marriage whilst here in Scotland, but felt despondent about how much that would cost when they enquired elsewhere about having a ceremony with photos.  When they found us they were delighted to find out about our Young Travellers' Budget Package and were united in a non legal ceremony just five days later.

  • Eloping in Secret

    Lisa and Sam eloped.  They planned ahead with us, but otherwise when they jumped in their car to head north, with Lisa's wedding dress safely in the boot, no-one knew but us – so it was a surprise for their family and friends to hear that they had tied the knot – literally!  

    They stayed in Inverness and travelled half an hour to Belladrum Temple, a tiny in the round chapel with no electricity which we decorated for them with petals and tealights.  

    They lit a candle for love, and shared a drink from a Quaich, and exchanged quite traditional vows.

  • A Cottage Church

    Innes and Maryann each attended a different church so rather than favour one over the other, they looked for a creative solution. That coupled with the fact that wedding day plans seemed to be escalating out of control, they decided to elope for their religious ceremony which we held in a beautiful, tiny, cottage church which we have permission to use.

    It was winter and we enjoyed the special atmosphere and cosy feel created by tealights and fairy lights, and the candles we used in the ritual which honoured their joining in marriage as well as the blessings of family members no longer with us.

    The sun was setting when they arrived for their afternoon ceremony, and had set when we had finished.

  • Woods and Water

    Inverness is a charming small city which is especially lovely along the banks of the River Ness.  In the middle of the River, are the very special Islands, which are literally islands joined by bridges to each other.  There are mature trees and paths throughout making access easy.  Nicola and Eric enjoyed a non legal handfasting there at a week’s notice.

  • Glorious Gardens

    We created a ‘Design Your Day’ experience for Megan and Dennis. They began their wedding day walking the spiral at a retreat centre, we then organized lunch for them, then once they had on their wedding outfits we took photos in the beautiful garden of their holiday cottage, before heading to ancient woods for them to fulfil Megan’s dream of marrying beneath an ancient oak tree.

  • Fine Dining

    Naomi and John had no desire to be legally married, but instead chose to have a ceremony during which they took vows and declared their love for each other.  They treated themselves to a fine dining stay at Boath House which has a Michelin star restaurant.

  • The Whole Works

    Nigel and Christine had a traditional church wedding with a special car to drive them from the hotel to the church.  We helped them to find the church, the hotel, the car, the flowers, someone to do Christine’s nails, hair and make up, the hotel for the honeymoon, and a local castle after the ceremony for champagne, cake cutting and photographs.

  • Private Garden and Public Castle

    The lush green garden of their lovely B&B provided the perfect private setting for Heather and Paul’s ceremony which included a special Quaich ritual with honey and whisky, as well as a hand tying.  We then drove a short distance to a dramatic castle ruin overlooking Loch Oich for more photos.


  • Waterfall Wedding

    Some people like to be next to water to make their vows, and Louise and Scott chose this option.  Their baby son was with us, and the second legal witness Mattie kept him amused whilst Louise and Scott were able to relax and focus on each other.

  • A Loch Side Setting

    If you know where to go, there are still some easy access, yet out of the way places, but it’s often the luck on the day.  Some loch side spots will give you privacy on a weekday outside school holidays, but if it’s a nice day, your location might draw the crowds.  Loch Ness beaches are popular but often spacious.

  • Second Time Around

    With it being a second marriage for both Bob and Diana they wanted something low key, yet personal and meaningful, with a little Christianity.  It was in secret – their kids and other family had no idea so after the ceremony we took special wedding photos against the backdrop of Edinburgh’s historical monuments – including having a pint in a pub!

  • Beach Betrothals

    We have some beautiful beaches in Moray, and many couples have tied the knot on Findhorn Beach, which offers grassy flats, dunes, thousands of coloured pebbles at high tide, and a wide expanse of golden sand at low tide.  When Andrea and Michael were married on Midsummer’s Day, we even made a small fire for them.

  • A Secret Castle

    Half an hour from where we live there is a small ruined castle that not too many people know about – and we aim to keep it that way!  Many couples have enjoyed its peace and tranquility for a couple of hours for a private, personal ceremony and photos.

  • The Nature Sanctuary

    It was most meaningful for Dylan and Ciara to marry privately, in their own way, according to their own definitions of what marriage meant to them.  We organized a bottle of chilled champagne for them after the romantic ceremony which included a candle lighting ritual.  Afterwards they had photos by Will both on the beach and in the grounds of Brodie Castle.