Our Vow Renewal - "I Do" Part Two!

You’d like to celebrate the deepening of your love?  Well, so would we!

Why not come to Scotland for your second honeymoon, and have the trip of a lifetime, and if that wasn’t exciting enough, renew your vows whilst here in a personal wee ceremony just the two of you?

You can choose to renew your vows however, wherever, and whenever feels right to you.  It could be on your 1st anniversary, or after you’ve raised your children and have 25 years of marriage under your belts.  It’s totally up to you.

Vow renewals don’t include any kind of legal element and they can be held anywhere. So if you got hitched in a registry office the first time you could choose to have the church blessing you never had, or if you were married in a church first time round maybe you’d like to renew your vows outside on a beach or in a garden?

If you got married in a big way to begin with, your vow renewal could be a small group or just you.

Or if your marriage began in a small way, a vow renewal can bring the chance for a big celebration, perhaps including family and friends who have supported you over the years.

Vow renewals and celebrant led personal ceremonies are becoming more and more popular, so to give you a starting place as you think about having one to celebrate your love, from our experience so far, we find they can roughly be divided into categories as detailed below, but whatever the reason you think you’d like to renew your vows, we’re here to help.

  • Brodie Castle
    Why Renew Your Vows?

    Your Live Locally and choose to have a vow renewal at your home or in a favourite local hotel or restaurant after a certain number of years married.  

    You're After Adventure and live overseas and plan to travel to Scotland after a certain number of years married, and have the idea to renew your vows in a small and personal Celtic ceremony whilst here.

    You Seek Affirmation as you've come through a tough time and choose to renew your vows in a private, tender and healing way.

    To Give Thanks in the form of a party to celebrate a significant number of years married, and you would like someone to perform a blessing and thanksgiving during that celebration, to give it an official element?

  • Further Reasons To Renew Your Vows

    You're Celebrating Your Good Fortune as you had a fabulous wedding day and ceremony the first time around, have enjoyed a long and happy marriage, and want to give thanks for all you’ve shared over the years, and choose do it all again – in a large or small way?

    To Do It Your Way because you didn’t have the ceremony or day you would have liked the first time around? Perhaps you didn’t have the finances, or you were under pressure from family to have things a particular way?  You’d now like to take the opportunity to do things ‘your way’.

    To Celebrate Your Love as you feel more in love than ever and simply want to express that?

  • Anniversary Vow Renewals

    It's Your Anniversary?  You’ve reached a significant number of years together and want to celebrate and acknowledge that?

    Perhaps you’re getting together with family and friends for an evening celebration, and would like a few words of acknowledgement to re-dedicate your love, before being blessed and everyone raising their glasses in a toast?  If celebrating with a lunch, it could also be a late morning or midday ceremony.  If having a dinner or evening party, what time would suit?


  • Ideas for Your Vow Renewal

    Vow Renewal Handfasting

    You would exchange personal vows which you’ve created (with guidance if needed) in the middle of a fun and meaningful Celtic ceremony which can include some or all of the following – a hand tying ritual, sharing a drink from a Quaich, and jumping the besom or broom.  You could do this the two of you or with guests.

    Simple Vow Exchange and Re-dedication

    This option is just as it sounds – short, simple, and sweet.  A few simple words to open, whatever new vows you would like to exchange OR some led and repeated line by line re-dedication vows, closing with a few simple words of re-dedication and blessing.

  • Further Ideas For Your Vow Renewal

    A Personal Ceremony for Two 

    Depending on your ideas this type of ceremony could be in line with a wedding ceremony and include all the usual elements you would find in a ceremony of marriage, but without any guests, so with an intimate feel.  It could be anywhere accessible indoors or outdoors.

    A Personal Ceremony with Guests 

    This type of ceremony could also be in line with a wedding ceremony and include all the usual elements you would find in a ceremony of marriage, with any size group of guests.  For where to have the ceremony you would need to consider access and if your guests are mobile and able to get to your chosen spot.

  • If You'd Like The Whole Works We're Game!

    The Ceremony of Your Dreams

    This option is for you if you never had the wedding you wanted first time around.  Whether having a small or large number of guests, if going for the equivalent of a regular wedding ceremony, the preparation and ceremony content is likely to be the same as a wedding ceremony – certainly you can have all the usual inclusions – entrance to music, words to create a sense of occasion, an acknowledgement of the years spent together, an exchange of vows with new rings or a blessing of old rings, a blessing on you as a couple.  You could also add ritual, or songs or hymns, and have family members take part with all the usual roles like bridesmaids, bestman, flowergirls, pageboys etc.

    Your Original Ceremony was Perfect!

    You’re renewing your vows because there are just more good times to be had!  Ditto with the above!

  • Findhorn Beach Wedding
    Seize The Moment And Celebrate!

    Anniversaries are traditionally named after a hierarchy of elements both every day and precious.  These days there are both ancient and modern associations, and UK and US associations, and associations for every year.  

    Anniversaries most popularly celebrated are -

    1st– Paper or Cotton

    20th- China

    25th– Silver

    30th- Pearl

    40th– Ruby

    50th– Gold

    60th– Diamond

  • Real Life Vow Renewal Stories

    To try and highlight what’s possible, here are some ideas from previous vow renewal ceremonies.

    Alasdair and Stacey

    During their 20 years together Alasdair and Stacey adopted four small children under age 5 who were all siblings – how extraordinary their story of becoming a family was!  

    Alasdair planned the whole ceremony as a surprise for Stacey and the children, and it took place on a boat on Loch Ness, and included a blessing on each of the four children as well as an acknowledgement of Alasdair and Stacey’s story so far.  

  • Haunted Castle, Motorbikes, Champagne & Lobster

    Katrina and Dan

    After 20 years together they decided to travel to Scotland from the US, and they shipped their beloved motorbikes over so they could take their time and tour Scotland over the course of six months.  

    They stayed at a luxury B&B, a converted church, suggested by Angie, and enjoyed a four poster bed, and the B&B hosts kindly allowed them to arrange their celebration meal there afterwards.

    Wearing regular casual outfits for their ceremony, as they had to travel light to fit everything into their panniers, they arrived at the ruined castle, parked their bikes then strolled hand in hand to the ceremony spot.

    The ceremony was personalized for them, and included an acknowledgement of their story, as well as Celtic ritual – sharing a drink from a Quaich and a handtying.  And Angie had contact with their three adult children, who all offered words from the heart for Angie to say on their behalves at the end of the ceremony.

  • A Peaceful Place To Reflect

    Many couples are inspired by the idea of our secret ruined castle, and when Denise and Rob enquired at a few days’ notice to see if we could help with a 10 year vow renewal for them, they fell in love with the setting.

    As did Karena and Albert who booked well in advance, but at the last minute decided to escape the midges and crowds of Skye, and rather than have us go to them, they came to us.

    When Emma and Andrew came from Australia for their 20th anniversary world tour they were delighted with the snowy surroundings for their vow renewal handfasting.

  • Urquhart Castle Wedding
    A Whole Day Out

    Wendy and Greg

    Back when they got married money was scarce, and they had just one photo, so twenty years later, Greg decided to plan a very different day for his beloved Wendy as part of their world tour. 

    This time it was with no expense spared, beginning with a romantic ceremony in the woods a short distance from the hotel apartment they stayed in in Inverness.  This was of course after Wendy had had her hair and make up done as a surprise pampering session.

    The celebrations continued with a cruise on Loch Ness on a luxury speedboat which included lunch and drinks.  Then to top it all we stopped off for a photo shoot around the iconic Urquhart Castle.

  • Involving The Children

    Cuchy and Marty 

    It was Cuchy and Marty’s son and daughter who booked a surprise vow renewal ceremony for them, when they toured Scotland to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.  They travelled from Spain, and had no idea they were headed to Duffus Castle.  

    We helped organise a piper and a taxi to pick up, wait and drop them back at their B&B - they were thrilled and delighted - literally jumping for joy!

    Alexandra and Martin

    Wearing their original wedding outfits and with two very small children aged 4 and 2 in tow, Alexandra and Martin decided to take the time to focus on each other and re-dedicate their love, on the morning of their 5thwedding anniversary.

  • Last Minute Location

    We had agreed that Alexandra and Martin would settle on the ceremony spot once they arrived in the area.  They chose a cottage and hoped to find a beautiful location for their adventure.  They found an interesting looking place online then visited the spot the day before when the area was busy with sheep and cattle, but on the day there was only the six of us!  

    On the day it was very hot, so though we could see snow on the mountain tops in the distance, the single tree was welcome to provide some shade.  The ceremony included a handtying, and a welcome drink from a chalice, and Alexandra and Martin made new vows as they placed their original wedding bands on their fingers, having removed them before the ceremony began.  

    We got lots of family shots as well as a few couple shots, some with 4 year old Hanna hiding beneath her Mum’s skirts!

  • The Whole Works - What Does That Mean For You?

    The Whole Works

    Paul and Judie had a wonderful wedding day 20 years earlier, but being romantics, wanted to do it all again.  So they had everything – the hotel, the car, the reception, the ceremony.  Their 3 adult children all had roles, and Paul and Judie had their hands tied and jumped the broom.

    Design Your Day

    Katrina and Dan chose a ‘Design Your Day’ version of events which included Angie and Will creating a very fancy Scottish picnic – Will dressed two fresh lobster which he had had delivered that morning.  

    Angie also prepared local meats and cheeses, and salmon, and artisan breads, olives and sauces, a great bottle of red, and chilled bottles of white wine and champagne.  Plus local gourmet chocolate! It was quite a feast.