Scottish Wedding Overview

Have your wedding your way

You can have your ceremony of marriage your way, anywhere, anytime and anyhow, and we’d be delighted to help.  All ceremony options are available to LGBT+ couples, as well as opposite sex couples.


Hold your ceremony anywhere

You can be married in any indoor or outdoor location, subject to any necessary permissions, so on a beach, on a boat, in a church or chapel, in a garden, up a mountain, in a hotel, hall or castle. The location does not need to be registered for a legal ceremony – in Scotland we are registered as people.


How we create your ceremony 

We invite you to have as much or as little input to the creation of your ceremony as you wish.  We can meet in person or prepare using phone, email, Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp – whatever way is easiest and fun for you, to suit your lifestyle and personalities.  If you're booking well in advance we make a preparation plan.  We also offer ceremony options with minimal input if you don't have much time.


Enjoy flexibility and freedom

Your ceremony can acknowledge or centre around a particular faith or belief if that’s important to you, or it can be inclusive of all faiths and beliefs, or it can be completely non religious and humanistic.


Be traditional or alternative 

You can choose traditional content, wording and vows, or something a little different, or something very personal – we explore every aspect that makes up your ceremony and you get to choose what feels fitting for you.

  • Personal Family Wedding at Loch Ness
    It's All About You

    You can include an acknowledgement of your story from meeting to marriage, and what you love about each other, in a personal wedding address, and add ritual, readings, music and guest participation.  You also don’t have any of those things and can choose to keep it really short and simple – or maybe somewhere in-between suits best?

  • Simple Scottish Wedding
    Who Will Witness Your Union?

    You can choose to have no guests, 500 guests, or any number in-between, however if you’d like your ceremony to have a legal aspect to it, you will need to exchange your vows and be declared married in the presence of two witnesses aged at least 16.  If you will elope or get married just the two of you, we can help supply witnesses if needed.

  • Scottish Cairngorm Mountain Wedding
    Choosing Legal Or Not Legal?

    You only need the one ceremony to be legally married by us, as we are fully authorized celebrants, however registrars administrate all births, deaths and legal marriages which take place in Scotland.  We have a range of wedding ceremonies that can include a legal aspect as well as ceremony options that are non legal - please ask for what you need and we can accommodate.

  • Marry Legally in Scotland anywhere
    For You To Be Legally Married

    For your ceremony to be legally recognised there is a two month window during which you must make an advance application to be married to the registry office which covers the location you will marry at.  We can guide you with what you need to do when.  To apply you need to know the date, the location and who will officiate.

  • Scottish Wedding Confetti
    There Are No Silly Questions

    We are here to guide you and give you as many ideas and suggestions as needed.  We ensure you’ve thought of everything, and we enjoy relaxed and lighthearted ceremonies as much as more formal occasions.  Whether you’re rebels at heart looking for an elopement adventure, or looking for a large, joyful, family gathering, we’re here to support your vision.

  • Wedding Pebbles Gaelic
    Ceremony Costs And Options

    We have something for all visions and budgets and offer several options for legal marriage ceremonies - please contact Angie or Jane depending on area.

    Angie and Will also have some legal ceremony and photo packages for small groups that begin at £800, as well as seasonal special offers, budget options, and several options for non legal ceremonies.  Please let Angie know what you think you’re looking for – it doesn’t mean you can’t change your ideas along the way.