Open Hearts! Open Minds! Open Arms!

As Interfaith Ministers and Celebrants here in Scotland we have absolute freedom and flexibility in what we can offer regarding the content of your ceremony, as well as where we can hold a ceremony for you, and we can offer this to you regardless of your gender and who you love.  This means you don’t have to try to conform or fit into a particular category or give yourselves a particular label.

Laws around same sex marriage in Scotland changed in 2014 and as an LGBT+ couple you can marry or civilly partner here subject to an advance application and any necessary marriage visas.  Please note that even though we champion equality, your visa has to be obtained from your country of nationality so if your country of origin/passport does not recognize same sex marriage or civil partnership legally, you will not be able to have a legal ceremony of marriage or civil partnership in Scotland, even though we would be willing to hold them for you.

Whether you're looking for a bespoke tailor-made ceremony with a hundred guests, or something really simple and basic for just the two of you, or a personal ceremony somewhere in-between, we can help.  It’s our goal to make sure that your ceremony is the least of your worries preparation wise; that you can relax knowing that we will guide you and let you know what you need to do when, and that the end result will be a ceremony according to your wishes whatever they are.

  • Lesbian Wedding In Scotland
    Your Personal Ceremony

    With every ceremony both traditional and alternative we invite your ideas, and give you suggestions and ideas as needed, and you can choose to include only those elements that mean something to you to have included, like –

    - personal (legal) vows with a ring/gift exchange

    - music to begin and end the ceremony 

    - ritual like a hand tying, sharing a drink from a quaich, candle lighting or sand pouring

    - readings of your choice 

    - something of your story from meeting to marriage/civil partnership

  • Gay Wedding Couple
    Choose Every Aspect Of Your Ceremony

    We invite you to share something about the two of you with us - why you're choosing to get married or civilly partnered, what you love about each other, what you hope for from your future life together.  You can also choose as much or as little guest participation as you feel fitting depending on who will be present at your ceremony - we have both fun and serious ideas for guest involvement.  And if you have children already we can explore how they can be involved in the ceremony if that would be important to you beyond just giving them a mention.  

  • Same Sex Lesbian Marriage
    Your Wedding Your Way

    Having your input helps us to make your ceremony personal and an authentic reflection of you, which is what we hope every aspect of your day is all about.  So whether you're looking for something different, or you're a couple who have differing beliefs looking for something quite traditional but personal, or you have no particular beliefs and no clear idea yet what you want, please get in touch for a no obligation chat or more information.

  • Gay Marriage Scotland
    Just The Two Of You?

    Angie and Will often work together as a team with Angie creating and holding the wedding ceremony, and Will taking photographs and recording the ceremony with film or audio. We think they are the only married couple in Scotland offering ceremony and photography in this way.  So whether you would like the intimacy of a wedding for two, or you'd like to gather together a group of family and friends, we'd love to help.