Wedding Planning

Planning Your Wedding – need a little help or some ideas?

We are happy to help with questions, but sometimes this becomes more than an odd question or two to point you in the right direction for a venue or musician.  When this happens we move into the realm of wedding planning and research and organisation, which we can be very happy to do for weddings for two and small groups, but we do need to charge for this as it's above and beyond the wedding ceremony creation and holding.

Depending on our diaries and other commitments we can help you with

Locating a Venue

Locating Accommodation

Organising Suppliers - photographers, florists, cars, hair and make up, catering, whatever you need

We also offer very bespoke planning for elopements and weddings for two in the form of ‘Design Your Day’ or ‘Design Your Stay’.

Design Your Day or Stay

We can suggest budget low key days or luxurious and pampered bespoke days.  So whether you want to get married quickly and quietly in a very relaxed way, or create some fun and adventure and a very uniquely memorable day, or enjoy some opulence with fine dining and massage, or a bit of everything, we look forward to hearing your ideas, and to getting creative with you and for you - you CAN have only and exactly what YOU would like!  And if you'd like some ideas . . .

You might want practical help with organising the bridal bouquet and buttonhole, music, transport and a ceremony venue, or maybe accommodation, a special meal and a cake?  We have helped people have afternoon tea; a smoked salmon canape and champagne picnic; a buffet of Scottish favourites - fresh salmon and lobster, smoked venison, cheeses and artisan breads; a 7 course tasting menu.  We have also put couples in touch with caterers who specialise in wedding meals for two for those who are in self catering accommodation who want to stay home there rather than go out.

If your preference is for some culture you might consider sight seeing (guided or independent), highland games or exclusive use of a cinema?  Or action in the form of quad biking or clay pigeon shooting; white water rafting or a wildlife spotting boat trip.  Or maybe a round of golf; fishing; whisky tasting with a distillery and cooperage tour?  Whatever would be fun for you, why not add it to your ceremony and photos, and make a day of it?

Where and how you want to do everything?

At some stage you’ll need to make some key decisions about the format of your day.  Would you like everything to happen in just one location ie a castle, hotel or place where you can stay before and after your ceremony, do you also want to have your honeymoon there?  Do you want to have your ceremony there?  Do you want to have your reception or wedding breakfast there?  Or do you want to stay in one place, have the ceremony in another and the meal afterwards in another?  

Professional Wedding Planners

If you are looking for help with a larger group we can recommend the following wedding planners.

Cheryl and Lucy at Premier Wedding Planners

  • Wedding at Willow Barn Rafford
    DIY Or Help?

    You might take ideas and research things yourself, or you might want to enlist a little extra organisational help, it’s entirely up to you, but as you read on you’ll get a thorough overview of the elements you could choose to have as part of your day so you can have thought about them well in advance.

    Some people like to do their own research and booking, and some people like to have that done for them. 

    Have you considered – where to have your ceremony, where to stay, where to have a special meal, flowers, cake, cars, musicians, transport, legal witnesses?

    Perhaps you’re choosing not to have most of these, or perhaps part of the fun for you is to surf the web and check things out and get information and quotes.

    If however, having to start from a blank page to plan your day, stay and ceremony is overwhelming and stressful, treat yourself to a little help.

  • Wedding Couple at Kettle House B&B Fort Augustus
    Decisions! Decisions!

    What do you need to decide to begin with?

    Certainly, to make a legal application to be married in Scotland you need to know the date, location and who’ll marry you – the rest of the detail of your day and stay can follow.

    When would you like to get married?

    A good starting place is to decide on a date, or a few possible dates or a period of time when you’d like to get married if you can be flexible around the actual date.

    Where would you be for your dream wedding?

    Near the sea, on the beach, near the mountains, up a mountain, amongst the heather, midst the hills, near a loch, on a loch side, in the countryside, in the city, next to the river, on a loch on a boat, in a church, in the forest or woods, in a ruined castle, cosy and candlelit in a castle, in a beautiful garden, near a waterfall, in a museum, in a hall???

  • Wedding Couple at Loch Ness B&B
    Will Your Ceremony Be Inside Or Outside?

    Many couples fantasize about getting married outside which is a wonderful dream but in reality the weather in Scotland can never be relied on.  We can tell you of many beautiful places both inside and outside, and then it’s up to you to make your decision; wherever you choose we will honour your choice and request, and go with what you would like whether outside in nature or inside with a roof over our heads!  

    Though we will hold the vision with you, of glorious blue skies and sunshine for your outdoor ceremony, we also caution you against having high expectations of the weather because if the sun doesn’t shine as we hope, it could lead to feelings of disappointment for you.  Don’t let your happy day be spoiled by what the weather does.  You can have a beautiful ceremony even in the cold - rain or fog and Scotch Mist can make for a very atmospheric feel!

  • Ruined Castles in Moray
    Where Would You Like To Hold Your Ceremony?

    Where will the ceremony take place?

    Would you like a small, plain room in a hotel?   

    An elaborately decorated room in a hotel?

    A conservatory in a hotel?

    A library in a hotel?

    An atmospheric ruined castle?

    A castle that acts as a hotel and venue?

    A beach or loch-side?

    A boat on Loch Ness?

    A lovely garden?

    A church?

  • The Nature Sanctuary wedding held by Angie Alexandra
    Thoughts About Your Ceremony For Two

    What atmosphere would you like to create?

    If you’d like to use fire in your ceremony we recommend you be outside but you might also stay in a castle with a fire, or stay in a holiday home with an open fire!  

    We don’t usually recommend having a candle lighting ritual outside but it can be done if you use a large enough storm lamp (which we do!).

    How intimate or elaborate will your ceremony be?

    Would you like your ceremony to be traditional or creative?

    To be Celtic?

    Long or short?

    Would you like a ceremony written just for you?

    Is budget the most important factor?

  • Getting married in Scotland
    Capturing Your Day

    Would you like photos?

    Will is a wedding photographer. He’s a warm and friendly fellow and is especially good at working with couples on their own, and small groups and families.  He offers various packages.

    To give you an idea, you can choose from

    Simply the photos of your day/ceremony set up in an online password protected gallery for you to do as you please with them

    The addition of a ‘Fusion’ which is when Will intersperses photos with short 3-7 second video clips and sets them to your favourite music – you could potentially choose 1, 2 or 3 tracks 

    You could also add on an audio recording, a slideshow set to music, or a static, single camera video of your ceremony, or a two camera film of your ceremony.

  • Kinlochbervie and Lochinver Weddings
    What Will Make Your Day Yours?

    Would you like music to be part of your ceremony?

    Would you like live or pre-recorded music for your ceremony?

    Would you like a singer, a piper or a harpist?

    Would you like to play favourite or meaningful tracks on CD or iPod?

    Do you dream of special transport to get to your ceremony?

    Arriving on the back of a motorbike?

    A horse drawn carriage?

    A Limousine, Bentley or Ferrari?

    A helicopter?

    A boat?

  • Wedding Flowers
    Bridal Bouquets And Button Holes

    Would you like to have flowers?

    Would you like to have flowers decorating the room for your ceremony?

    Simple or elaborate?

    Do you want to have your favourite flowers?

    Do you want something traditional or creative or very natural?  A formal arrangement or flowers or petals strewn?  A circle of greenery?

    In the room for your ceremony?

    Would you like a Bridal Bouquet?  A matching Groom button hole? What colour and style?

  • B&B Wedding Scotland
    King & Queen For A Day? - Where Will You Stay?

    You have so many options for where to stay!

    Do you dream of a chic, contemporary suite in a city centre? A cosy B&B in a coastal or country village?  A wee eco cabin or chalet or bothie (cottage) where you can sip whisky together whilst toasting your toes against the woodstove?  A four poster bed in the honeymoon suite in a traditional Scottish hotel with tartan décor?  What would be your preferred accommodation?  Or are you on a budget and you prefer to camp?

    Would you like massage? To have the use of leisure facilities? a swimming pool? An outdoor hot tub?

  • Wedding Food Platter
    The Wedding Breakfast!

    Would you like a meal or celebration after the ceremony?

    Do you want to book the Honeymoon Suite at a luxury hotel and have your meal served in your room?

    Do you want to dine in a romantic restaurant and enjoy sharing the secret from other diners that you just got married?

    Do you want to dine in a romantic candle-lit private dining room just the two of you?

    Do you prefer a contemporary setting or antlers and tartan?

  • Eat, Drink And Be Merry!

    What would be your chosen wedding menu?

    Local produce?  Venison?  Lamb? Fresh Salmon?  Smoked Salmon?  Cheeses?

    Your favourites or Scottish favourites?  Haggis, neeps and tatties?  Skirlie?  Cranachan?

    Or do you have special dietary requirements ie vegetarian or vegan, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, ceiliac or diabetic?

    Would you prefer to go out, hire in a chef, or cook for yourselves?

    What would be your preferred celebration drinks?

    Wine – red or white?  (preferred country? organic?)

    Whisky from the local distillery?

    Champagne (preferred brand?)

    Something else?