There's something that feels very cosy about an Autumn wedding and they are often really beautiful, especially if you love trees.  Brides and grooms to be, often choose rich oranges, reds, browns and yellows as their colour scheme, and outfits and floral and harvest arrangements match.  Some decorate the indoors with autumnal colours, but some even go as far as choosing an outdoor location to surround themselves with colour in nature.

Here in the highlands in Moray we enjoy seeing the trees as they change and the colours become more vibrant, and we are blessed to be surrounded by woodland, and the seasonal changes really make our souls sing.

Many of the stately homes and castles near us are situated in grounds with mature trees.  We are close to Brodie Castle near Forres, a great favourite with locals and visitors alike.  Dalvey and Binsness and Firlands are large holiday homes.  Burgie Arboretum is beautiful with trees around a small loch, with both small cabins and a large holiday house close by.  And the town of Forres itself is defined by Sanquar and Cluny woods.

Autumn Wedding


You might not be able to imagine having your ceremony outdoors, but you have as good a chance of a fine and sunny day in the autumn, as any other time of year.

Focussing on trees for your ceremony could be very topical - maybe fashionable even? Certainly inspired.  The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge set the trend when Westminster Abbey was transformed for their wedding.  The outdoors came indoors as an avenue of trees was set up either side of the aisle as it led to the altar, made up of six field maples and two hornbeams.  These trees seemed to be quintessentially English country garden, and made for a very unpretentious feel which really reflected the young royal couple.

Flowers and trees symbolise qualities, and hornbeams represent resilience, and field maples humility and discernment.  All wonderful qualities to have at the heart of a marriage.

For their autumn wedding recently at Achnagairn Castle, Hayley and Michael had small trees and candles line their aisle to great effect - it created a very romantic, natural and warm atmosphere.

Tree Wedding


Megan and Dennis got married in Cawdor Woods, as Megan had always dreamed of coming to the UK and getting married beneath an ancient oak.  The Oak is revered, and in the Celtic Ogham, the medieval alphabet which interprets the names of the letters as trees or shrubs, the Oak represents life essence and energy, strength and longevity amongst other things.  In a ritualistic offering to the nature spirits, Megan and Dennis tied 'clooties' to the trees - small strips of coloured ribbon and fabric.  The idea is that as you tie the 'clootie' you make a wish or say a prayer.

Cawdor Woods are next door to Cawdor Castle, and are extensive to the point that you could get lost!  We have a favourite spot, next to a burn and an old stone bridge.

Candle lighting rituals can be cosy inside, or we have a large storm lamp to accommodate candles outdoors, which Lisa and Gareth enjoyed on the shores of Loch Garten - Gareth decorated the location with colourful lanterns, which bobbed about in the wind coming off the loch.

Knockomie Wedding Angie Alexandra


If you're on a budget you might find that hotels and venues offer special deals either midweek, or in October and November, once summer weddings are finished, and before seasonal weddings and parties kick in in December.  We'd be happy to help you find a place to enjoy your autumn wedding.